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Device repair and information for the Dell Inspiron 14 line of computers.

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Solid amber light when power button pressed

This is my brothers laptop. He told me laptop was low charge and charger for some reason stopped working. He checked charger and it seemed fine. It then ran out of charge. I then held the power button for 20s and then replugged charger but nothing. I then held it down with charger and I noticed a solid amber light next to the charger port. Can someone tell me what the solid amber light means? I checked on different website and they seem to have different opinions on what it may be. The amber light also seems to appear when I lift the lid but that may just be fingerprint sensorr idk. Would be grateful if anyone could help.

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If the light comes on when the charger is pluged in then that just means the charger is working. I would sugest leaving it on the charger for 10-15 mins and then try to power it on.


I tried turning it on but nothing works. The amber light only comes on whrn power button is pressed


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Generally the solid Amber LED indicates a low battery charge. If leaving it connected for several hours does not charge the battery then the battery may need replacing.

Otherwise does the computer boot up with just the battery?

Does it boot up with just the charger connected?

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I cannot remove the battery on the laptop without opening it up but I charged it for several hours and nothing works.


Hi @Talha Patwary

So why not open it up? That's what we are here for. We help people do repairs.


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I had this problem on a Latitude 7440, where the Power LED would turn on constantly while I held the power button. Following the "Draining Residual flea power" instructions from the Service Manual seems to have solved the problem.

From the Latitude 7440 Service Manual (Page 93):

Draining residual flea power, also known as a performing a "hard reset", is also a common troubleshooting step if your computer does not power on or boot into the operating system.

To drain residual flea power (perform a hard reset)


1. Turn off your computer.

2. Disconnect the power adapter from your computer.

3. Remove the base cover.

4. Remove the battery.

5. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to drain the flea power.

6. Install the battery.

7. Install the base cover.

8. Connect the power adapter to your computer.

9. Turn on your computer.

I couldn't find this problem in the manual, since the diagnostics codes suggest that there would be a blink pattern to identify the error and for me there was no blinking (the power LED did not blink exactly) it just stayed on while the power button was pressed, then turned off when the power button was released.

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I had this issue with my dell inspiron 14 plus (7420) twice and the solution mentioned above (Rob) worked both times. I had to remove the base cover, battery and then press the power button. I am just curious as to why it happens since the last time I had to do this, I left the laptop charging all night while the computer was shutdown.


Maybe a power surge, power down or a "brown-out during the night corrupting the BIOS settings slightly? Rob's solution above would seem to indicate that possible cause.


Thanks for the reply (mike), it happened again and I am wondering if it is the battery.


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If the light comes on when the charger is pluged in then that just means the charger is working. I would sugest leaving it on the charger for 10-15 mins and then try to power it on.

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