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iPhone 6s (mn122b/a) a different model number - what battery?

First off UK based, so not all US materials will be available.

I was given a 6s about two years ago but with a battery life of only a couple of hours. I have not given it a thought/chance. Today my Pixel met with an unfortunate accident and I decided to have a look at replacing the battery in this device.

I see quite a few batteries for 6s but they all insist that they are only compatible with phone models A1688/A1633. This phone has only an EU CE mark on the back and shows as model mn122b/a when looking at the details in settings.

Is there a way for me to know if a given battery, say "3200mAh Battery for iPhone 6S, Upgraded Wavypo High Capacity 2022 New Version 0 Cycle Battery Replacement for iPhone 6S A1633 A1688 A1700" would work? (This one for the larger capacity and that it comes with the necessary tools for the repair.)

I would be very grateful if someone who knows their way though the babble of device numbers etc could point out my way forward.

Thanks in advance.

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The Phone 6S came in 4 model numbers, A1633, A1688, A1691, and A1700.

A1633 was the AT&T phone

A1688 was sold by T-mobile and was a GSM/CDMA phone

A1700 was the model sold in China and worked with all Chinese carriers

A1691 another model of the Chinese market but worked exclusively on China Mobile

Based on your number I get this

Genuine Sim Free & Unlocked - No Network Branding

iOS 9

4.7" Retina HD display

12 MP camera & 4K video recording

Apple A9 processor

CDMA / GSM smartphone

UPC code: 0190198058188

That would make it a A1688

Careful with falsely advertised High Capacity batteries. Some work to a point, some are downright bogus.

Evaluating High Capacity Batteries (Part II)


Thank you OldTurkey03. That gave me enough information to pull the trigger on the battery I had in sight. When I search the name on google - it is in a few top 10 battery for iPhone 6s reviews.

It's not a whole lot of money but I hate to feed the dark side. (Your *real* vote is with your wallet.)

When it works I'll come back and accept your answer.



@bobpace no worries about accepting anything. It’s all about if it works for you and keeps you 6s out of the landfill!

The answer by @tech_ni is simplified but still a good one


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get a battery off iparts4u instead of a knockoff chinese battery that might be a piece of junk. mn122b/a is only a manufacturer number.

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