Ps3 Fat Yellow Light Of Death 3 Beeps Blinks Red

I have a ps3 fat backwards compatible that does not boot up. When you press the power button the green light will turn on for less than 2 seconds then it will flash yellow, beep 3 times, then start blinking red until you press the power button again. After you press the power button it will stay solid red. I can hear the fan spin when I first try to turn it on. If I try to hold the eject button down then turn the power on it still only gives 3 beeps. If I try to hold the power button down it only gives 3 beeps.

Things that I have tried.

Clean board

Replace thermal paste

Used heat gun to heat up gpu, cpu and NEC Tokin Capacitor for 2 minutes without flux before delid.

Delid GPU, remove glue and replace thermal paste. The gpu has a blue tint to it. From what I read that is bad because it has been really hot. Is this not fixable because of that?

Block Image

The NEC Tokin Caps may be an issue from what I have read so I will most likely try to replace them with these. Will these work fine to replace the caps?

I might delid the cpu and replace thermal paste as well but I would like to do that as a last resort since from what I read it is easy to damage the chip.

If none of these things work then I will try to reflow the gpu and cpu with flux and hope for the best.

Thank you for any help.

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