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2.2 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.4 GHz) or 2.5 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.7 GHz) quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Won’t charge or turn on unless plugged in

MacBook Pro 2014 15’ won’t charge, turns off immediately after disconnecting charger, MagSafe cord is always orange unless I do smc reset in which it turn green until it turn back on then goes back the orange. Pressing show battery status in system preferences immediately un-checks itself.

It’s running Catalina, i did smc reset, pram reset, nvram, I sat on the power brick, I shook the MacBook, I left it charging all night, and nothing, still won’t charge, like I said it does turn on plugged in.

Also some apps feel slow, (maybe that’s just my problem)

The Mac has 16 gb ram and 500 ssd

Battery information

Battery installed no

Charging no

Ac charger information

Connected yes

Voltage 85

For some background I got it at a thrift store, so I don’t know what previous owner might have done, but it turns on and works while connected to charger

Update (06/17/2022)

Block Image

Forgive me for taking this long

Update (06/17/2022)

Soo uhhh lots of sand

Block Image

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For starter I would clean sand and try Battery replacement look for signs of Corrosion.


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@fordwardhe I suggest installing this beautiful app, Coconut Battery, on your Mac.
It will give you all the information about your battery.

In the text you posted, it says:

Battery installed: No

This leads me to believe that there either isn't a battery connected, or the battery is completely toast.

Here are some very useful guides for this laptop, and this battery guide is one you should follow to replace battery.

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Alright then, I’ll still get it checked by someone else just in case, I’ll give you the results the app gives


Alright most entry’s in the app say 0 except for power adapter which says connected


@fordwardhe Then the battery is either not there, or it's unplugged :/


@fordwardhe - Given the age of the system I'm suspecting the battery just gave up from age. If you can post a snapshot of the CoconutBattery window so we can be sure Adding images to an existing question


@danj I probably should have phrased it better; "either not registering" or it's unplugged.

Seeing as it's a 2014 model and has been in a GW for probably a fair time before being put on the shelf, it's probably 100% drained, and likely not salvageable.

(I should note that I have on 2 occasions been able to "somewhat" revive gone batteries, though not for a MacBook. Gave them a couple of minutes with an ample supply of voltage and current, then trickle charged them with a bench power supply for a couple of hours, which gave me a little more life outta them :) )


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Did you just try to connect and disconnect the battery,?

also check your adapter ang charging port if theres a burn out pins.

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Liquid damage markers are red could be a logicboard issue but 1st try the battery


@consistent what do you make out of the gross contamination of the board? Would you leave it and try a battery 1st?


First thing is to use compressed air and blow all of that crude out of it and then test


Yes I cleaned the thing removed all visible dirt and replaced battery now it turns on fine, I was wondering why the stickers where red, but I only saw 4 oxidized screws, one on the airport card, and 3 on the trackpad, nothing else


@oldturkey03 unplug the battery and plug in the charger and it turns on you got yourself a bad battery. Best way to test that.


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That’s quite the find you have there:-)

Here’s what I would do

I would order an new battery for it as you are already halfway there to having it fully working!

But before you do that I would carefully dismantle it and take the logic board to a repair shop and have it ultrasonically cleaned:-)

Then tackle the rest with some isopropyl alcohol to restore it to its former glory!!!!

But make sure everything is working before order anything so while you are getting it cleaned maybe ask them to test it out.

I hope all goes well for you and your Mac

If you need anything just ask


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