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Repair guides and support for cars and SUVs manufactured by the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

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Does anyone have instructions or a guide for fixing the middle seats?

I have a Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis Exceed that has the 5 seats… one of which (middle) does not want to fold up like it’s partner, which makes it hard to create space for transporting bigger items.

Does anyone have any instructions (prefer in English) or a guide for fixing/taking apart the seat?

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Hi @hatchi ,

Don't know if this is the correct one but here's a link to the Mitsubishi Grandis 2003-2011 Workshop Manual + Circuit Diagrams that may help. (you didn't state the year model).

Scroll down and click on Workshop Manual > Interior to find instructions about the seats.

Update (06/17/2022)

Hi @hatchi

That's strange. I had no problems when clicking on the link. Went straight to the page with the contents etc.

Here are some images taken from the manual that may help, although probably not what you needed

(click on images to enlarge)

Block Image

Block Image

(see image above this one for p52A-10

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Even with ad blocking off and cookies on the site does not bring up the manuals :-9


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