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What's ahead for 6s?

No iOS 16 for 6s's. Is my beloved, aircraft-grade aluminum 6s going to start losing functions? Attract malware? Slow to a crawl?

What's going to happen to the iPhone 6s now?

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Not to fear! I've got a 6 Plus which they will need to rip from my tight hand ;-}

Apple will supply security updates for around 3~4 years. Apps maybe a bit tricky! Depending on the app some features or the full App may require the newer iOS.

So relax! You've got time on your side. Lets see what Apple comes out with this fall or even next year.

I'm looking for a better camera setup and better user interface. iOS 13 and onward have slipped! Logical actions don't play correctly as an example AirPlay is a bear to enable from within the music app and my phone gets stuck with a song called Not Playing I have to restart my iPhone to clear it. Getting Apple to fix this bug has already taken 4 attempts and still no feedback. So they are chipping away on the older hardware compatibility even in the so called supported releases!

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