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Apple's top-of-the-line smartphone for 2021. Released September 24th, the iPhone 13 Pro Max sports a 6.7" ProMotion OLED display, a new triple rear camera system, and 5G connectivity. Successor to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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My iPhone 13 connecter replacement

hello for all please tell me what is the matching connecter for iPhone 13 on the attachment

Block Image

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Please can you clarify what you mean in the question

Do you mean “what plugs into the connector or do you mean where can I get a replacement

If you want a replacement can you provide me with what country you are from as I need to find the connector from a place that will sent it to you!


@hellomacos sir I need to replace the connecter in the picture (red circle ) but I do not have iphone 13 board to replace the screen connecter please I am asking what is the matching connector from another model


What country are you from

I don’t want to sound creepy

It’s so I can find the correct website for you



Israel but I have a USA address


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Check olx dead same handset and buy or search online using spares sites

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