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Phone dies/wont turn on when kid playing game while charging

iphone will not turn on, no display, no connection, no heat after my kid brother play MOBA game while charging phone. I suspect something wrong with board and seems to be burnt hdd ?

Here is what I did:

  1. check cable it charges my other iphone fine
  2. battery resplacements done - no reaction, no heat from board either
  3. screen replacement done with spare- still nothing display

While I cannot get the charging port to be replaced, but battery is independent source that rule out the power source issue. I am suspecting the charging while playing game gives too much heat and /or voltage ?that fries somewhere in the board but not very sure.

I personally done a lot of swap parts and really want to get into soldering. I do find many of the weird issue need more than just swapping and replacing. Having several spare parts/phone to work with, it will be great if someone is willing to give some clue on where to begin?

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As this is a 6s and if you have ruled out parts and a VCC MAIN short I would suspect one of the charging IC’s have failed. With the info and history you have supplied it will probably be the Tigris IC (U3800) or the Tristar IC (U4500) there are tools to test these IC’s ranging in price but I would be confident saying that one or both have failed and will need replacing.

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