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Released in June 2017 as a successor to the Surface Pro 4. Also known as Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3". Model number: FJT-00001.

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Only turns on with the power cable

The issue I have is it only turns on when the power cable is plugged in, if I take it out it turns off immediately. When I plug it in the white light shows on the charger but nothing shows on the screen, it will however power on when I press the power button. I replaced the battery but I still have the same issue. For an hour or so the new battery powered the device but didn’t charge, the back got a little warm and now it only powers up with mains power.

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@coopzzz360 you did check your charging cable to make sure it was okay. You cleaned out the charging port with a few puffs of compressed air or similar? You tried to turn the charging cable over (top to bottom)before you plug it in. If so and it all checks out, you are having trouble with your charging circuit. Next step would be to open it up, take plenty of clear pictures of your motherboard etc. with your QUESTION so we can see what you see. I wonder if there is a chance you got a bad battery. Check the battery connector.

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