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15" versatile and affordable laptop. Has both AMD and Intel models.

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Why Is My laptop very slow

Laptop is very slow although it's only 60% drive full

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1st: You have an I3, which means if your multitasking it's going to be slow.

2nd: If you have 4GB of RAM, I suggest you get 8GB of RAM to speed it up a little.

3rd: If you have Windows you can go in disk defrag and speed it up a bit.

4th: If you have Windows you can go into settings and change the apps that start up when you boot the laptop.

5th: If you get an SSD you can speed it up just a bit.

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It may be thermal throttling,. If it's in a dusty environment, exposed to smoke, etc. this can happen relatively quickly. Check that your fan is working and not full of lint, dust, fur or what-have-you This includes the air inlet grille on the bottom and the radiating fins on the back in particular (the fins are delicate, be careful) check for any leak on the copper heat pipe. Is anything blocking your airflow into or out? Are there obstructions to airflow? (What surface is it on,. Can air enter and exit for cooling)you might Install speedfan (its free) or something similar so you can see the temps, fan speeds and figure out what, if anything, is overheating as well as configure your cooling or use whatever software you prefer to achieve that. Assuming a good cleaning and good airflow didn't work it will be time to consider hardware issues beyond cooling. Replacement of thermal paste might help if it is more than a year old... otherwise the diagnostic. Information from speedfan should make troubleshooting a little easier in future. You can find that at Now, that is only one possibility, Despite having antivirus, it remains a possibility, none of the antivirus software are perfect. Try scanning with a different anti-virus, follow instructions to avoid cross detection issues. There are also other possibilities to look at,. But I d start with this and if that doesn't fix it holler for more help, OK? While the answer above may be correct, without your model it's not necessarily correct,. Specs on this series vary (drastically) as does available OS. Unless it shipped with all top of the line options the memory, nvme SSD and data drive bay may be upgradeable though the GPU and CPU and one memory bank are soldered to the board and are thus not upgradeable. Note: Don't defrag a solid state drive; which you may have, it isn't necessary and shortens it's life

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It's probably full of viruses I would take it to a computer shop and have it cleaned out.

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I have Antivirus software as well. There were no virus found


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