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The Ryobi Hammer Drill P214 is a cordless tool that operates using an 18V lithium-ion battery, with a 1/2 inch chuck, up to 600 in-lbs torque, and speeds of 0-400/0-1600 RPM. This page provides detailed information and repair guides for the P214, which includes a hammer function for masonry drilling, 24 clutch settings, and compatibility with the One+ system for battery interchangeability.

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Can't remove chuck from drill

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I have the ryobi p214 cordless drill and no matter what I cant remove the chuck. I took the screw out from inside the jaws and I put an allen wrench in and held it with the jaws. I managed to turn the chuck counter clockwise but it just barely spins without loosening at all. How can I get the chuck off?

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@archiep once you got the allen wrench locked, you placed your drill in REVERSE (lowest torques setting)and you do have a full battery? Now pull the trigger. Careful, It'll kick a bit and you got to hang on to it and watch your wrist.


I did this, but the drill started smoking and it also kept auto braking unfortunately.


I have the same problem? I cant tighten the chuck enough to stop the drill bit just spinning in the chuck , so , I want to fit a new one but cant remove the old one? Cant see any screw / bolt up inside the chuck at all? Hopeless system?


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A few things that may help; first instructions on how to deal with the situation. here next a reminder that this has a 3 year warranty in case that still applies and your owner's manual here in case you need it, which gives instructions on pursuing your warranty or service. Last; schematics and parts are available here

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Thank you for the useful content, however, the article link is doing something different than what I'm trying to do. I don't have a bit stuck in the chuck, I'm trying to remove the chuck from the body of the drill. I used the schematic you shared to illustrate my situation.


OK, well, in the very unlikely event that @oldturkey03 's advice didn't do it for you, (he's a pretty darn sharp tack) I did find an answer to that too...somewhere but should have read your question more carefully.


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