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Apple's sixth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 18, 2020. Model A2376, 44 mm.

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My series 6 watch is not charging.

my series 6 watch is not charging anymore and its charger works fine with other watches,what could be the likely problem.

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Have you noticed degradation over time, or have you used this watch in harsh heated areas such as a sauna, or is the watch worn out around areas where weather proofing might be failing?


Something may have damaged it, the comment above is good, yes look around for areas where weatherproofing might be failing. Something prob got in and damaged it. Unfortunately if i remember correctly apple watches are difficult to repair


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This could be a software issue. Like we had a few years ago with the iPhone 7’s I believe it was. My wife is currently having the same issue with her watch and weather and water damage are possibilities. Also if you have kids like us, sometimes our kids like to mess with things and get curious. But I’m still looking into but could use any feedback.

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