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Motherboard is dead- how can I have my data/pics back?

Hi everyone!

A few months ago my housemate changed my phone's screen and he touched something he shouldn't, leading to a processor error. Apparently, my motherboard is having a hard time and the phone doesn't turn on.

My question is, is there any way of recovering the data I have there, at least the pictures? I thought I had a backup, but, apparently, the last one I have is from mid-2020 😰

Thanks a lot for all your help! 😄

P.S @refectio , sorry for tagging you, but I've seen many recommendations from other people! Hope you don't mind :)


If you're going through the same situation, this is your sign! There's a way out 😊

I ended up sending my phone to @tojaert 's studio- the situation couldn't get any worst, so I've decided to give it a try. The same day he received my phone, my iCloud started to be updated. As you can imagine, I couldn't even believe my eyes... EVERYTHING WAS RECOVERED 🥳 @tojaert kept me updated all the time, including about the poor health of my phone. We've decided to repair it as well and, in about 2-3 weeks, I got it back.

Lessons learned:

  • Don't try to save money and have a non-professional friend fix stuff on your phone

DO THE FCKING BACKUP- let's stop with rookie mistakes

  • There's always hope (or let's say an excellent professional that can help you out)

I really regret not coming to this forum earlier, I've wasted 3 months in a repair shop that was useless. Thank you all for your comments!

And, of course, a very special shout-out to @tojaert ! You're a life saviour! 😊😊

P.S I don't know exactly what was the technical problem with the phone in the end, but I'm sure @tojaert can explain it to you if you're curious!

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@guardian10 Can you help with this?


sounds like a logic board issue that needs to be repaired by someone with knowledge in board repair, not really any other help can be given at this point as we have no photos of the board and don't know what he touched


@carolapin "leading to a processor error. Apparently, my motherboar@d is having a hard time and the phone doesn't turn on." exactly what does your phone still do? What has been checked? What makes you think it's a processor error? Post some good pictures of your logic board with your question. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente I don't think anything has been properly narrowed down to what may be the cause. @imicrosoldering any idea besides what was already stated? I


@oldturkey03 My phone is dead as dead can be. It doesn't turn on. I've put it in a repair shop, but it's more than 2 months now and I'd like to move past it. They told me there that it was the motherboard and that, finding the problem could take a long time, without any certainty of it being repairable. Right now I'm just looking at other options and I thought that maybe you guys would have a different idea. I don't care if I won't be able to use the phone again, I'd just like to recover my stuff.

I can get photos by the end of the week, could you tell me what you'd like to see?

Thank you so much for reaching out 🙌🙌


@carolapin sure, I understand that. Problem is that you cannot recover anything off this phone, unless you get it to turn on. Hence the looking into the possibility of at least getting it to that point.


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hello Carolina,

from your description, it can be concluded that your phone is not dead, you just can't see anything. Probably a colleague caused the fault, we call this a short to ground. What seems dead at first glance (in the context as above) is actually hiding the storm of events, the struggle of positive and negative charges for domination over the environment. It looks like the latter are in the majority right now (if I can picture it that way). Find a good repair shop of microelectronics where will bring your phone back to life in a few minutes or at least give you back your phone data. It is not difficult or expensive, but requires experience and knowledge in the field of microelectronics. Unfortunately, most of the Apple mechanics (that I know or heard) are people raised in the YouTube era. If you come across one like that and he tells you that you need to replace the screen and / or the batteries - run away from there, you won't gain anything here (except for losing money from your wallet).

PS, @refectio is a good idea, this guy has proven many times that he has a head for thinking. You can also check out ipadrehab if you're writing from Central / North America. RESQ or studionapraw in EU, Paul Daniels' studio in Australia or Service Malaysia in Asia.


--- UPDATE, 08.07.2022 ---

yes, it was a crazy adventure. @carolapin - thank you for your trust and your time. However, I would like to add that from the 2-3 weeks you write about in the above update, there was a 1 week loss for my absense and second for search for a missing return shipment to you. All in all, the repair took one week.

I hope there will be fewer and fewer similar cases around the world.

PS: If anyone is interested in the details in the future, the record of this repair is available on my blog (regulations prohibit inserting a direct link here): "iPhone 6s damaged processor - really?" and a detailed description of the damage and diagnostics of this case: "iPhone 6s damaged processor - the repair". Internet address is available in the "about me" tab.

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There are a great many techs all over the world who can now do CPU/NAND transfers to working boards. It's a bit of a jungle out there so be wary when techs say 100% recovery rates as that is flat-out not true. Asterisks, caveats and small print are just a way of not admitting that 100% success is impossible to achieve. Very few people does videos or photoshoots of recoveries gone bad.


@carolapin People tend to forget and overlook the fact that much of their data might be backed up online... for example:. If you use(d) itunes you can recover anything backed up to the web This page goes over options available and how to proceed. Some recovery businesses/softwares just grab that data for you and charge you for a recovery you could have done yourself. I'm not pushing phone dog, there are other tools to do the same and I do not own an iphone; which tool you use is up to you, I know android phones... but the basic ideas and methods are similar. For full data recovery unless you have a recent full backup (which you CAN) recover @oldturkey03 is right it must be at least able to boot to access it directly and pull files. Swapping the nand so forth will, assuming not damaged, work, to recover the phone as others have stated. Good luck


@tojaert Thanks for your reply! Do you know any good repair shops in Belgium? I'm afraid if I send it to another country it will not be worth the trouble


Carolina, everything in EU is like one country. Same taxes, same rules, even same low... almost - (exl. Hungary) :)

My studio carries out repairs for consumers from all over the world. Most of them are exceptional cases where owners have been scammed or harmed by deceptive, unauthorized (or sometimes authorized) Apple repair shops. In most cases, such repairs are free (I work as a volunteer) for users or cost as much as the items replaced. Unfortunately, due to the huge number of cases (I check and accept the heaviest ones myself), I have limited time options (no case is with me for more than two days). Write an e-mail, describe your case, attach photos, indicate where and who hurt you, maybe then I will be able to help. You can find the correspondence address on my website ( Commercially - I propose to repair in southern Germany by RESQ - address you will find on the web. The workshop is fast, professional and proven (they do not replace processors in every case :)) by the way.


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This would have been an easy fix if the shop you took it to was a reputable repairer. The most common cause for this to happen when replacing the screen on a 6s is not disconnecting the battery which can damage the backlight circuit, the 1v8 image filter and on occasions the LCM reset line. If the repair shop did not know what to look for they have probably added more variables to the repair by removing or replacing components that didn’t need replacing.

If you get in contact with a reputable repair shop I am quite confident they will be able to get access to your data.

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I am a certified apple repair agent working for geeks squad part time as an advanced repair agent. I think i can help answer your question. On all iphone models automated icloud back up is turned on by default. So unless that feature was turned off or your icloud storage was full you should be able to go to and log in using your apple ID and password and see if your information was saved to icloud and can even download any photos, documents, or contact information directly from but as far as saving any information on the device itself if nothing was backed up prior to the logic board being damaged retreaving the data off of the device would be quite a difficult task and depending on what portion of the board was damaged might even be an impossible task. I hoped this helped answer your question and wish you the best of luck with solving this problem.

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