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The TI-84 Plus CSE was a graphing calculator by Texas Instruments released in 2014. It was the first TI-84 to be equipped with a color screen.

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Calculator won't charge - I think it's my port

My TI 84 plus c was working great for a long time, but recently I couldn't get it to turn on and the LED bar on the side would not light up when i plugged it in. I bought a new battery and charger from Amazon and installed it, but it still won't light up on the side. The battery had 25% charge in it so I could use it for a little bit - I need it for one more course.

I guess I'm wondering if there is any way I could tell that my port is broken or if there is anything I can play around with to get it to charge. My charger sits firmly-ish in the slot, it wiggles form side to side a bit if I play with it. Even when I move it around, the light doesn't even flash to show that I've got a charge even for a second. Any advice would be great!

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Look into the port and see if anything looks wrong. Maybe you will have to replace the port, which would most likely require soldering to do.

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