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Antennas for GSM / GPS / Bluetooth


Where are the following antennas on the Iphone 6S for:
a) 2G, 3G and 4G?
b) GPS
c) Bluetooth
d) NFC
e) Wifi

Are several of the antenna inside the same unit inside the phone?
Like - are the 2G, 3G, 4G and GPS antenna inside the same unit in the top left corner inside the phone? (step / image 25 in this article: iPhone 6s Cellular Antenna Replacement ).

And where are the bluetooth antenna and NFC-antenna?

How to disconnect all these antennas (and still be able to use USB On-The-Go features (like USB to ethernet)).

Will it work to remove the antennnas, like in step / image 25 in this article and the phone will be without GSM, GPS and mobile data connection? :
iPhone 6s Cellular Antenna Replacement.

How to disconnect Wifi, bluetooth and NFC?

Thanks for all help :-)

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1: cellular antennas are the top and bottom bezels themselves, the charge port flex are also part of the lower antenna and dynamic tuner. The top antenna connects to the board with screw posts.

GPS antenna is the top bezel.

WiFi antenna is the top bezel, the one at the lower speaker and the top left of the phone. BT may switch between top and bottom WiFi antennas or just stay at the top.

NFC antenna is the top bezel, connected to the board via screw posts and short flexes near the rear camera.

2: if you want to use the hotspot, you will need all those antennas.

Antennas on modern phones are highly integrated, you can’t reliably remove one feature without damaging others.

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Thanks for reply.

So is the antennas amplifiers for the signals to and from the phone (that are also being sent from other units inside the phone), or are the antennas the only units that sends signals?

How to disconnect / avoid the phone to be able to send any signals at all wirelessly?

Only connection through the lightning socket..?

Can this be done through disconnecting the screws / cables that connects board to the bezels?


@azaris what is the purpose here? If you don’t want to use any RF feature, just don’t use them. No need to modify the phone.


There are several reasons for the person who needs this. I just need to clarify the issues in my questions. Any reply to the last questions above? :-)


@azaris to answer this, I need to know what you are actually trying to achieve because this may lead to different implementations.


If you don't want transmit, activate airplane mode: if you disconnect antennae it tends to harm devices unless protection from doing so is built-in which, I see not a lot of reason to do in a device which was never meant to be operated under such conditions. It might, I think probably would, still attempt transmit, just not very well... But, hey, maybe... I'm with Tom... why?


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