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Repair and troubleshooting for the Samsung 32 inch LED television with model number UE32F4500AK.

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Black vertical lines on Samsung TV. Is this permanently damaged?

This TV had some smoke trapped inside due to being next to many candles daily. I took it apart and got rid of the shadows, but I think I broke it 😅.

I was really carefull with all compenents, but something went wrong.

Is it permanently damaged?

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Update (05/17/2022)

Additional picture with black background

Block Image

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Mihai Soroiu yes it is. What you are looking at is a broken LCD screen. There is no fixing it so you would need to change the screen. It is going to be difficult since they are hard to find and expensive if you do find them. Sometimes it is cheaper to replace the complete TV and sell the board from your TV to recover some of the cost.

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