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Repair guides and support for televisions manufactured by Sony.

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Sony kdl40wd650 TV, 4 blinking red lights help

Hey guys,

I got a Sony kdl40wd650 TV, with a 1-980-335-31 (A2103241D) AV Board. I disconnected everything else (except the LED which gives the 4 blinking lights) from the board, and still got the same error, 4 blinking red lights. Can somebody help me how to fix my AV board? Or there are no tips for that, can you guys tell me if I can use a different AV board like mine? So instead of A2103241D, it's A2103242B.

Thank you

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@szeben if you are calling the main board an AV board then NO, you cannot. Those are most likely not compatible. Here is the LED Blinking Flowchart for your model. I'd go with a new LD board (A-1983-522-A) or (A-1983-521-A) first.

Block Image

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Thank you good sir, will give it a try!


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Does anybody have some schematics or a repair manual for this TV? Cant seems to find one. Or where is the LD board located in my case? I didn't have the time to check it, but it's on the mainboard if I remember correctly.

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