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Guias de reparo e informações sobre como desmontar Macintoshs (Macs) da Apple.

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Where (and how) to start learning Mac repair?

Hi All: Excuse the general question. I want to learn about how computers work, and specifically to learn repair. I am a Mac person, and was thinking about buying some "parts only" laptops on EBay to experiment on. But...I am unable to find beginner books on learning laptop repair. I tried to see if Apple offers courses, but no luck. ifixit is great for specific repairs, but how do I start to learn? I've used Macs since my first SE/30 (and TRS-80 before that, and PDP/8e in high school), so that tells you I'm old. Any ideas? Thanks!!

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If you're talking about macs repairs specifically logic boards repairs you need:

1- knowledge of basic electronics, how the circuits works, components knowledge how they work in a circuit.

2- learn how to read and interpret schematics. Download the popular macs schematics and boardview files and software (Open Boardview (free), FlexBV (Paul Daniels excellent software, must buy license).

3- Tools: hot air station, good solder iron with fine tips, multimeter, microscope, computer to read schematics, and many little accessories (flux, jumper wires, air extractor, tweezers, etc)

4- Watch a lot of youtube videos: Louis Rossmann is the reference for macs logic board repairs.

5- Practice on dead boards to learn the good technics.

6- Lot of time and patience before being good at it but what a joy when you get your first fan spin.

7- The latest Macbooks models are harder to repair so I don't know if there's a future in the macs repair ????

Good luck !!

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Wow! SO helpful, lemerise! I will look at all of the valuable resources that you listed! I need to add that I just want to learn this for fun (as a hobby...not as a career). Thanks again!!


lemerise how complete is your collection of The BV/schematics files etc? Contact me via email @tofu22 contact me for some light reading material


@oldturkey03 Not so bad for the BV/schematics files. I don't have the latest MBP schematics if they already exist but don't really need them since I don't work on the T2 Macs. Thanks for asking and for your HUGE contribution on this forum :-)


@lemerise take a look and see if you have use for my spares. At least you will use them. @arbaman might have use for those as well. Email me

@jayeff plenty of PC stuff too. Trying to downsize due to some upcoming relocation etc.


@oldturkey03 Plenty of spares here and I should be downsizing too, work is no longer as it used to be. To add to it, EU has gotten so very troublesome on imports that I've been having issues even with tea from China for my personal use. It seems that to have peace of mind and to avoid outrageous customs charges and duties or never ending quarrels with post offices, we'll have to go through the big guys such as ebay.

Thanks for thinking of me M, hope you're relocating to a better place :)


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