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How to connect a mono (non stereo) VCR to my LG OLED65E6P TV?

I know, why would I want to connect an antique to good technology?

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This isn't enough information. What vcr are you trying to hook up?


Sanyo VHR2350

Tried to add a photo of the identifier plate but not succeeding



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If possible post an image of the input connections on the TV. The user manual is not that good in showing what types are available. All that's mentioned is Ethernet, HDMI and WiFi.

I assume that there is an RF (coax) connection but was hoping that there may be a Composite connection i.e. yellow, red, white RCA plug connection or even Component video i.e., green + red, white RCA plug connection as well.


Thanks jayeff! LMK if the links don't work, those are from the back of the TV.


@lilpankie links not working I get a 404 error


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Hi @lilpankie

You should be able to connect the VCR to the TV's AV input i.e. yellow, red and white RCA sockets (yellow = video, red and white = stereo audio, left and right channels) by plugging in an AV cable (supplier example only to show the cable type) yellow cable to TV AV video yellow input and to the VCR's video output, and then connect the red and white cables to the TV's AV audio red and white inputs and connecting the other end of the red and white cables to a mono to stereo adapter (supplier example only) and then plugging the adapter into the VCR's audio out port.

To watch a video you would need to select the AV input on the TV using the TV remote control and inserting a tape into the VCR and pressing Play on the VCR remote or player

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According to LG's website, this TV does have a composite video connection (next to the LAN port). Do you have the adapter so you can use that port?

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