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LG OLED65E6P can’t watch PBS programs

Does anyone know why that is? Anything I can do to trick it into doing so?

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What do you mean? Do you have cable? Also, you've been asking several questions about the same TV, and none of them have enough information. I understand that things can get confusing, but if you want help, you need to help us help you.


thank you shingle. Is there a particular format to know what I'm not including?

We do not have cable. We stream our channels via internet (local news, CNN, cspan, you tube, and other up to the minute content). We also stream via Hulu and Netflix.

I have the PBS app on all my devices, and I have tried to cast them to the TV, which only seems to work with youtube or my google photos or any music app.

There is no PBS app available for LG. I have also tried to stream directly from internet by logging into my PBS account on TV's browser and trying to play from there. Have also tried just going to youtube to find PBS programming and playing from there.

In each of these cases i just get endless "circling" (the buffering or thinking symbol).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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For this, I would recommend getting a media streamer. There are a few options:

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast/Android TV/Google TV streamer

Personally, I would recommend Roku. The Streaming Stick 4K, Streaming Stick 4K+, Ultra, Streambar, and Streambar Pro are all good options.

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