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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android smartphone, announced and released in January 2021.

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Phone screen stops working after replacing it more then once

So I cracked my s21 phone screen so I decied to fix it after I fix it it worked fine for like 30mins after I was done and the screen just went black so I thought it was just that screeb so I decidedto put into the old screen so I can use my phone till the new screen comes in buy after I was done putting everything back in the old screen it work for like 3 hours till I plugged it in and just died again. The phone still makes noise and vibrants what could be the issue

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If you replace a part and it still doesn't work(twice) its a good bet that the problem lies elsewhere... I suspect motherboard but check connections ribbon cable, and request divine intervention. I'm no expert though, perhaps another more knowledgeable person has a better suggestion.

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