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Vizio m55-e0 blank screen

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Anyone have an idea about this? Power on and tv displays ok with some flickering for about 15-20 minutes before going blank as pictured. Sound still plays, I've replaced every board in the tv with "new" replacement parts.(main board, power board, t con board) I'd been working on this off and on for the past year just to see if it could be salvaged as a secondary TV but now I'm ready to chuck it since I don't care to try to source and replace the panel if that's the issue. Thanks

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@trwolf you have bad backlight strips. The circles you see are caused by missing diffuser caps on the LED's. Remove the back cover from your TV and check the label affixed on the back of the LCD panel. Use the model number to find the proper backlight strips. In order to replace those you will have to disassemble the panel/. Not very complicated just a PITA because of the panel size.

Different model same idea for you to check on. Watch the LCD panel since it is flimsy and may bend on you. Avoid that by any cost.

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Man, you weren't lying about it being a PITA based on the video. Looks like I'll give it a shot if for nothing else than the experience/practice. Thanks for your help


@trwolf go for it! The only difference that I do is that I use two flat wooden 1X2 under the LCD when I lift it. Of course you’ll need an extra set of hands for that. I just don’t like the way those panels can flex. It is the greatest challenge with this type of project


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