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The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime was the third release of the J Prime series, released in April 2017.

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Is there a way to update this even if it no longer gets updates?

It's stuck on Nougat, and I want to be able to do more things on it. Is there a way, without damaging it, to update it past Nougat?

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Yes,. But... it involves rooting your phone, invalidating your warranty and installing a custom ROM, most folks don't do it As the song asks, "How bad do you want it?"

To learn more visit xda, if you decide to go for it look for what roms are available for your EXACT model. Read reviews and comments from users and be certain you understand and follow directions precisely. Before you do anything else backup everything and have the correct stock rom ready in case you need to restore it. I will link a helpful article below, you probably will not want 12. It isn't fully functional (yet). Be very careful a mistake can brick your phone.

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