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Power Bank is a kind of battery you use for charging your devices just in case it runs out of battery at somewhere you can't charge.

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How to fix your power bank when it's doesn't charge?

I charged my power bank for a few days but there is no sign of power.

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Have you opened the power bank?


Not charging my power bank


Charger no work head porblam


Nowdays my power bank is not working properly and not charging in good condition


In few days power bank is not charging


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Depending on the age of the power bank the battery’s can die for good and will need replacing (even lithium ones)

So unless the charging port is damaged or is full of dust and debris (can be easily removed with a sewing needle)it’s probably the battery’s

So my advise would be replace the battery’s and if that’s not a option sell it on eBay to someone who can fix it so it doesn’t end up in land fill and buy and new or used one

Hopefully I answered your question

If you have any more questions please let me know


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