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Toshiba TV display fault


I have a Toshiba 49L621U with a display problem.

I have not had any previous issues with the display.

I moved the TV outside to our tent trailer and plugged it into the trailers 110 outlet. The trailer was running on shore power via its attached heavy, grounded extension cord. It powered up and worked properly for three hours or so while my kids watched a movie.

The next day I moved the TV back inside. When I turned it on it functioned normally but within 10 minutes or so the display shut off and the audio continued playing. This pattern of normal function ending in the display turning off but audio remaining is consistent and won't stop.

I have factory reset the TV from the onscreen menu.

I have unplugged the TV from all power sources and let it sit for hours.

I have confirmed that the issue isn't specific to any one input port. The display fails in the same time frame when using the built in Chromecast.

I have examined my power cord for damage.

No luck so far!

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One of the most common problems that cause the display to go black and still have audio is that the so-called "backlight" breaks, this is what makes the light for the display.

To see if this is the problem, turn off the lights around and point a flashlight on the screen, can you see an image where you point the flashlight? If you see the image, it's the backlight that isn't working.

The TV you mentioned seems to have LED strips for the backlight, if the problem is that the LED strip is broken it should be solved by replacing these LED strips.

If the problem is caused by something else, it's harder to say what you can do to fix it.

Hope this helped and good luck solving it!

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Thank you for your suggestions. I am not an electrician but a carpenter. Would you suggest it be easier for me to try and source and replace these LED strips myself or bus the whole rig down to a repair shop?


@olmcdaddy It's totally up to you what you feel comfortable with, it looks like there are a bunch of things you need to remove to get to the backlight. If the problem is the backlights themselves and not anything else you can most likely do it yourself. But if it is something else that has caused the problem, the knowledge and equipment needed to find the fault are a bit more.

I haven't done such a repair myself, so I can't really say how hard it is or exactly how you can do it.


@eke0909 Thanks for your input.


@olmcdaddy No problem, happy to help! :D


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