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Missing bottom screws and part to connect to screen

My 6s has the bottom screws and the part that attaches the bottom screws to the display. When i had the screws in before, they fell out commonly but im scared if i dont replace them then the device wont be waterproof or dust resistant but if i do then they will just fall out. what would be the best idea?

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It sounds like the screws are stripped out inside. There sadly isn’t much you could realistically do about it. The iPhone 6s is not water resistant in the first place and leaving the screws out definitely would not help. Dust also could get in too. You could replace with a b stock oem case such as the iPhone 6s OEM Rear Case or an unbranded new one such as the iPhone 6s Blank Rear Case but it is not a super easy procedure as seen on the iPhone 6s Rear Case Replacement guide.

Imagem de iPhone 6s OEM Rear Case


iPhone 6s OEM Rear Case


Imagem de iPhone 6s Blank Rear Case


iPhone 6s Blank Rear Case


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