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Repairs worked … until suddenly they didn't

TLDR: I tried repairing this controller last year, wasn't successful but gave it another go today and it worked … for 5 mins. Now I'm at a loss for what might be wrong with the thing.

The PS4 controller that I've had since I originally got the console gave up on me back in late 2020/early 2021 and being one to not back down from trying my hand at repairing it, I decided to give it a go. Changed the battery out at first thinking that might've been the issue, no change came from that. Then changed out the ribbon cable connecting the charging port to the motherboard, still no change so I changed out the whole charging port and to nobody's surprise, no change.

I looked at it and went, "well, must be an issue too big for me right now" and put the controller, with all the bits, into a plastic bag and left them in a drawer for a few months. Flashforward to yesterday, I found the plastic bag when I brought some bits back to my parents house and decided to give it another shot. Cheapest and quickest thing I could do was switch out the ribbon cable again, after finding out there are 3 different types of ribbon cable that might bring this thing back to life.

Switched the ribbon cable out and plugged the controller in thinking that nothing would happen and to my absolute shock, the LED strip started to glow orange! The joy was short lived though, the controller stayed on charge for maybe <5mins before the light went out again and I haven't been able to get anything out of the controller since. I was just looking to see if anyone might have an idea about why it suddenly started to work, only to die on me again.


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I could be a bad battery. After trying to charge for a while, the charging controller might just give up and shut down. That happens with other types of chargers but it doesn't usually take 5 min.

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