iPad Mini shows charging symbol, but isn't charging.

I have a iPad Mini 5 LTE, that when plugged into a power source, will show charging symbol, but won't actually charge. It was plugged in all night, but never went above 7%.

Please respond ASAP as this is a company iPad that is used 24/7.


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Have you tried a different charger and cable?


@areeve Yes I have. Both with apple chargers, and third party chargers.


@areeve However, I just saw it bump up 1%, so the issue may be fixed.


How big are the chargers? If it is around a 5w charger it will be painfully slow. Also, this may be a stretch but have you tried cleaning your port?@designcode


@areeve The Apple chargers are 12W, but the third party charger is 5V. And no, I have not try cleaning the port.


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