MacBook Air not turning on Fan spin for a second and gets off repeatly

Hi Friends,

I am using windows 10 on my MacBook Air 2015. While I was working, System got freezed. I thought to restart the machine but after I press power button, it’s not turning on..

I have tried NVRAM, SMC reset, kept charging for more than 12 hours, removed battery connection and tried to turn on directly while power adapter is connected and also I tried Disconnecting and reconnecting the Display, Battery and SSD but nothing helped..

I observed that when I press power button, fans runs for a second and turns off and again turns on and off and it keeps repeating. Machine is failing to boot up..

This is third time I am facing this issue. Last 2 times I tried PRAM reset and it worked. But this time no response from machine. Please help with solution if you have any.. 😢😢

Thank you in advance.. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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