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InTel replacement for my laptop...

Currently, I have the Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.70 GHz in my Dell Inspiron 17-5767 laptop. Apparently, that is not good enough for Windows 11. {Everything else on the Windows 11 requirements page is at, or exceeds, Microsoft's specs - except the processor.} Is this replaceable? If so, are there directions in doing so? And what would you recommend I look for when searching for an updated processor? Thank you so much for being there for us all.......

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These are soldered to the board in your case. That said, 99% of modern laptops have soldered processors these days, and have since Broadwell so this is not a new issue. Unless it's an enthusiast LGA 11XX laptop (read: THICK AND EXPENSIVE, very rare), it is no longer possible to upgrade laptop processors as you need the entire motherboard.

Use the laptop for a few more years on Win10; you have until 2025. Once 2025 is creeping close (1 year planning, 6 months into 2024 being the time you need to really get a new laptop) I would look for a new one then. 7th gen is quite different then 8th gen in a few ways that are basically negatives (7th gen is 2C/4T, 8th is 4C/4T or 4C/8T with the exception of the 8th gen i3) so unless you're adamant about it (and accept the risk of it not working right!!!) with an unofficial upgrade, wait until the EOL date is closer and make a decision on what you want at that point.
If I have not convinced you to wait and you insist on being "Win11 ready", you can buy a new machine and keep this around for a few more years (either upgrade ready, or shipping with Win11), or a used 9th/10th gen machine with 10 Home/Pro (depending on if it's business class or consumer grade), and upgrade your new, compatible laptop on your time.
As an example, I'm sending off a inherited laptop I've come to know as the "red headed stepchild" (cheap back to school HP; ex family laptop) I inherited due to them cleaning up... I use it as a loaner/beater now; if it breaks, it breaks. (The condition is "just tell me so I can disconnect the LCD or I know I need to physically remove the HD so I can wipe it, no harm no foul"); it's one of the few I'd let that go on because it only has 3 years of support on 10 left, and if I need to "trade" to get something else I REALLY want like that new Win11 2-in-1 in a few years with the R5 APU, it's the one I'd let go of.
Seriously... The only reason I kept that HP 15-p is the owner asked me to erase the HD, and I wanted a throwaway laptop I can truly break, throw in my bag and ¯\_(ツ゚)_/¯ when/if it happens.
For my "Win11 ready" fleet (8th gen or newer) I'm going to wait until 2024 to fully upgrade; I don't want to cut it months close, but also not early. I kept Win7 in service on production HW until mid 2019 -- support ended on 1/14/2020.

We still have 3 YEARS and 10 months of support left with 10. Why do you want to upgrade so soon? It's Win10 with a lot of features that were removed and replaced (others abandoned) with a new skin, and new bugs. Win10 is mature!

NOTE: Do not discount 8th gen machines, but they're pretty old at this point for the most part - for the average buyer. For example, a Lat 7490 may not be a good choice, but a EliteBook 840 G6 might be since it uses Kaby Lake R chips like the 8365U vs 8350U (G5), which are somewhat newer - but marginally. I still recommend 10th gen or newer for most people, unless your budget forces you into 9th.

Yes, Microsoft is shoving it down our throats on compatible laptops (I know from my 7490 and 840 G5). Yes, I have to persistently refuse the upgrade this time LIKE Win10 (Sadly, we don't have a tool like Never10 yet. Please get us one to surpress the upgrades nags Steve Gibson). No, I don't want Win11 right now; it's a pointless upgrade on HW with 10 in production.

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