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Lançado em junho de 2012, modelo A1278. Processador Intel com Turbo Boost, até 512 MB DDR5 de RAM vídeo

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Still having issues with mounting USB devices APFS vs GUID

I am still having a hard time with understanding the mounting issues when using mixed formatting schemes. Have a 2012 upgraded with a Samsung 860 1TB SSD running Catalina. It is not mounting GUID formatted USB drives or printers. Disk Utilities shows the top drive (the 860) as aGUID Partition Map. The subset shows a drive and is labeled Container Disk 1 with a subset listed as APFS container. The subset of that is listed as a APFS Volume and the data disk as an APFS volume.

Is there someplace I can go to help me understand how these different formats work and what to do to get them to recognize when a GUID needs to be mounted on an APFS and vice versa?

I have also noted that when I install High Sierra and above, on an internal drive, from and external USB drive (formatted GUID) that after the new system is installed and booted from, I can no longer see the drive That I just did the installation from!

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@mayer - Here’s my source for the best info besides Apples Developer site.

Can you explain what you mean by GUID as both HFS+ and APFS use it. Also are these drive volumes created from the same system. I haven’t played around with APFS based externals. All my external drives are HFS+ and so far I haven’t encountered any issues. But that maybe because I’m still on Mojave.

Just for info I have backed off Catalina as I just couldn't get it stable on my 2013 Mac Pro besides I still had some 16bit tools which I use.

I’m trying to see where I’m going with my photography. My 2013 Mac Pro has been sitting mostly unused since the first of the year as there just isn’t any call for the stuff I do. I was hoping things would have picked up by now. I sold my Threadripper system as it just wasn’t worth it! It chewed so much power, I got the biggest power bill I’ve even had! Between running and cranking up the AC to offset the heat it was pumping out.

I’m looking on getting the Mac Studio in the fall/winter after others deal with the issues it will likely have ;-}

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@danj Would you mind emailing me some info, I'm having trouble closing my hands.


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