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Released September 20, Apple's flagship 2019 smartphone features a 5.8" OLED display, a triple-lens rear camera, and greatly improved battery life. Successor to the iPhone XS.

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I’m ready to throw this phone across the room!

Replacing screen.

I’m on my second screen.

Everything is connected.

# Phone turns on, I can hear and feel the vibrations.

  1. Screen is responding to my touch.
  2. Screen is black, I cannot see anything of the screen and/or a very dimly Apple logo upon start up.
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I’m so frustrated!! I don’t know what to do


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This is the symptom of a faulty ambient light sensor. It might have got damaged during the screen replacement.

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hello David,

it seems to be like faulty new screen panel, it happens sometimes. But, most cases (you nothing write about a reason of change) its just a badly inserted screen connector into the port. Don't forget about first important electronic rule - battery firs when unplugging and the last when pluging.

It would be a good practice to go to a nearby repair shop and have your screen checked. It shouldn't cost a lot, just plug it in and check on another phone if it's not working. If, however, we'll wonder later.

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Thanks for the reply... I have two screens .. the first didn’t work, so I bought another.. do you think I could have damaged one of the prongs? Causing no light? Idk? It’s sitting away from me right now, as jt is so frustrating


it's hard to answer your question without touching the phone. The 11pro model has an OLED screen, so different rules apply here than in the LDC models. If the OLED screen does not work, if it is not damaged, it has a problem with the power supply. All the more, give the phone to a good repair shop, even for diagnostics. You will learn everything - you need to measure the ports with the current, check the screen. You may find that you now have two :-) working screens :-). Fingers crossed.


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I'd second popping into a shop and see if they can test another screen for you.

You could try a soft reboot.

Or even dfu mode restore.

Sometimes, the aftermarket screens have ever so slightly bigger fpc connectors, and these can stretch out the board connectors, but this is rare.

Is It an oled or LCD replacement?

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it is an oled screen


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