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Curved screen LED monitor released by Samsung in May 2015, identifiable by the model number S27E510C.

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Backlight briefly flickers on - which is the most likely component?

I have a Samsung S27D390H - a 14VDC LED backlit display. They’re similar enough that I think asking here is appropriate. I haven’t done a backlight diagnosis since I haven’t needed to before, so I’d like someone who has more experience narrow it down since they’d likely know right away, as I have very specific symptoms.

  • Power always remains on, LED indicates this
  • Backlight flicks on for a fraction of a second every few seconds, then turns off, ad infinitum
  • The HDMI signal I tried from my laptop displays properly in that fraction of a second, and the backlight appears uniformly activated during that fraction of a second, whether on HDMI or VGA. So, signal processing is good, and it doesn’t *appear* to have actual backlight dead-zones

I have a feeling this is a simple single-component failure. Can someone point me to the most likely culprits?

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While the backlight is off on the TV and a signal is connected, if you shine a flashlight onto the TV screen, do you see a dim image?


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Hi @beefsticks ,

It maybe quicker to invest in the service manual as they have dis-assembly instructions, schematics and parts lists which make it easier to find out what’s wrong and fix it when you do.

There may be a problem with the backlighting power supply, connections etc or it may be on the mainboard turning the backlights on and off for some reason.

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