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How to replace the chrger port for 1phone 12 pro?

My iphone is not charging properly , the hole my be widened. How to fix it?

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When you say the hole is widened, you mean the charger doesn't seat properly in the port? Does it charge at all? Have you tried anything to fix it already?

Honestly the first thing I would do is just double check and make sure there's no debris stuck in the port. It's a fairly common issue with iPhones especially and can cause charging issues.


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Here is a way of removing the socket, step 16 shows the socket removed from the case.

However to repair the socket is a tricker question, I’d recommend getting a new one if possible and replacing the broken one instead, if anyone else has a good suggestion or if you have some picture of what seems to be the problem you can add it to your question.

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