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The HTC Desire is the first smartphone of the Desire series developed by HTC.

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Restoration of a 10+ year old HTC Desire

Hey everyone, first time asking here. So, I recently bought my third ever smartphone in the Galaxy S21, before which I used the S6 for over 5 years, and before that I used the HTC Desire for about 5 years as well. As you can tell, I’m not one to jump from phone to phone all the time, and I get attached to my devices. The HTC Desire is the first smartphone I ever had, and the other day I had the most intense nostalgia trip when I held it in my hand. I mean, I love that old mutt, no other way of putting it. On the first try, I actually got it to turn on, but it hasn’t been able to power back on since. As you can see from the photos, the battery doesn’t even fit properly and the plastic back only half fits, with the top end of it being damaged and unable to hinge in properly. When I plug the phone in, the little orange light that indicates it’s getting charged turns on, which I take it is a good sign, meaning the phone and the battery are communicating just fine, but when I try to power the phone on, all it does is keep flashing the bright white light with the green HTC logo on it (which is the start of the booting animation for the Desire) and then turning it back off again. So the phone won’t boot (although it did once, very recently as I said) and it has suffered some physical damage. Any way of recovering this baby into usability territory?

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Using a swollen/inflated battery is very dangerous and has a high chance of fire if pressure is put on it, or if it is charged. A new battery should fix this phone.

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New battery. That spicy pillow Is dangerous

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