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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G (T-Mobile Model: SGH-T859 / Verizon Model: SCH-I905) was released on November 16, 2011. It is a tablet that comes installed with Android 3.2 Honeycomb and can access mobile data via a 4G carrier network.

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Phone is dead. What can be the reason?

We have a Galaxy Tab 10 that has stopped working. It seems like the tablet doesn’t turn on.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Bought a brand new charger - didn’t change anything.
  2. Opened up the case, removed the screws and disconnected the connectors to the motherboard. Couldn’t find anything corroded or broken. The only weird thing was mic module is full of black goo. It doesn’t look like glue, maybe melted plastic. I disconnected it from the board.
  3. I cleaned the connector module from dirt and checked the electrical connection between connector and the motherboard using a multimeter and there are no breaks.
  4. Cleaned and reassembled.

Still it doesn’t work. It is a 10+ year tablet so it makes sense it just generally dies, but just out of interest and challenge I would love to know what you think can be wrong and how to troubleshoot deeper than the troubleshoot guide here.

Ideas would be welcome, and specifically one question:

Does the tablet have an indication when it powers up beside display, like for example my phone both turns on the screen and vibrates. Does the tablet also vibrate (knowing this will help me narrow down the problem it might be having).

Thanks :)

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Could be the charge port has failed as it’s old, the solder could be cracked causing no connection


Thanks for the answer Daniel.

I've used a multimeter to see that there is connection from the charge port to the end of the ribbon that connects it to the board there is a connection. It is hard to test them separately with my multitool so maybe one is broken, I'll try more thoroughly.

Thanks for the help!


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Michael Sverdlin get an inexpensive USB ammeter and see how may mA your tablet pulls from the charger, if any. Let us know. Also, there are different version of this tablet. Depending on what exact model this is, you could always use a flowchart like that to really narrow it down. Hence, give us your tablets exact model number and we may have that flowchart as well. This one here is from a GT-P7500

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Thanks, much appreciate the answer. A friend let me borrow his ammeter, definitely great idea I didn't think about. My model is GT-p7510, the instructions in the replacement tutorials were spot on, but maybe there are differences. Can you point me to a place with more of these flowcharts so that I can find the right one?

Again, thanks and I'll update.


The tablet is drawing 0.41a both from a laptop port and from a ac/dc usb charger. I'm guessing this is too low?


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