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What mechanical tools can your bits be used in?

Hi, I am looking at getting into electronic repairs, from the watch and clock-making industry.

I am unfortunately a disability pensioner and get hand tremors from time to time, to aid in this I have to use the following products in my previous industry, would your bits from your repair sets fit into any of them?

Xiaomi Wowstick 1f Pro

Milwaukee M12CD-302C

or even on clock repairs


I am looking at purchasing some tools to get started but would need this answered in order to proceed.

Kind Regards,

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Hi @shenlun ,

The ifixit bits all seem to be 4mm hex bits, so if your tools accept this type and size they should be OK.

Click on Store > Tools > Toolkits at the top of this page, to see what type, size etc of bits are available in each kit.

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