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The HTC EVO is a Smartphone by HTC powered by a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor and runs the Android operating system.

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USB port connector and 5 soldering points

There are five soldering points on the board that is connected to the USB port pins. However when I see those ripped off the board, I see some of the soldering points are detached with the port's pin. However, yet when I put a new port on the board, sometimes it works only with 3-4 connections.

But when I put another port on with one missing point (2nd from right), customer says it is not charging the battery even though the light comes and screen shows battery charging indicator. so I would like to know if anyone know about how many and which pin must be connected to charge the battery?


Thanks in advance.

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I believe that the EVO 4G uses a standard micro USB connector. The pinout is as follows

Pin Name Description

1 VCC +5 VDC

2 D- Data -

3 D+ Data +

x This pin may be connected to GND for cable detection.

4 GND Ground

Pin 1 is the far left when you look straight on. So pin 1 and pin 5 would be my choice to charge. But that's just my 2 cents....:-) Good Luck

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Thank you so much! so that is why even without 3, or 4 pin, it still showed charging volt and the light came on. That is good to know. Now I wonder why my customer said the battery wasn't getting charged when all pin except 4 (solder point ripped off) was connected.


Pin 4 may be what was needed for the phone to realize that there is cable that is plugged in to charge. Thanks for accepting my answer, good luck to you.


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