No RAM detected, no chime, beep sound, fan at full speed

Hello. Got myself a A1347 mini with an issue. (MD388LL/A)

Upon boot up, I get a no RAM detected beep on repeat. The fan starts gradually spining up until it hits max rpm’s. Tested out both of the memory slots with a working set of sticks, also tested each slot individually but apparently it just doesn’t detect the RAM. Swapped out the battery too but to no avail.

The fan speedup curve reminds me of my PLT short when shorting PLT_RESET_L on a 2011 MacBook Pro, so I guess it’s likely a board issue, but just otherwise if I’m forgetting something maybe someone can chime in with an advice.

Don’t mind doing the board work if needed.


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To be sure double check the tone code from this If your Mac beeps during startup

The ramping up of the fan is SMC responding to an error condition. If you can see if you can boot up under the onboard diagnostics reboot and hit the D key to enter. Did you get any error codes?

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


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