Colorful screen artifact and freeze

I bought have a ps3 super slim on online, but it keep on freezing and colorful artifacts. I thought it has overheating issues so I cleaned it up, replaced the thermal paste, modified the case with a lot hole at the front, and removed the blue ray player and sliding cover for a 120mm fan with dust filters of course. It now stay on a temp range of 52~57c at 35% fan speed, but still freezes and display colorful artifacts after 5~15 minutes of using.

I even select “restore PS3 system” as well which wipeout the drive, but still with no avail. my guess there is a faulty component in the motherboard but I don’t know.

Does anybody know how to fix this, it would be helpful thank you.

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Have you tried both the HDMI output and the AV output? If not, make sure to check both. Also don't forget to verify that your cables and monitor aren't the issue.


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