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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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TCL50EM60 Powers On and Off Loop

When I plug the TV into power outlet, it powers on by itself (red power indicator) and the screen turns on black for about 8secs and then it powers off (red light and screen) then it will turn back on after 3 secs and continue this loop. I can’t access menu from the panel button or remote. I tried replacing the power supply board since it’s the only part I can find online. My guess now is the Main Board. In the photo all the yellow circles I disconnected one at a time to see if the loop would stop at one of the connections but no luck. I can’t find a replacement Main board. Appreciate any ideas is it possible to have the Main board repaired by a pro TV repair or likely scrapped?

Block Image

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the power button is stuck in the depressed position or dirt got under it doing the same. open it up and clean the power on/off button connectors.

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I tried this and also disconnected the onboard buttons wire so that i can only use the controller and still same issue.


reconnect the button and hold it depressed for a minute or two. this should factory reset the firmware.


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