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Seems to not be coded correctly from the Manufacturer

It appears that my laptop was not coded correctly. It will just shut down whenever it wants. Also didn't come Microsoft just to start with. I know I'm not the only one with this issue. Can you help, so I can use my laptop? Thanks

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Hi Katsatplay, sorry to hear you're having issues. Unfortunately the issue description doesn't offer enough detail to provide any meaningful suggestions.

Some things that might be helpful to community for a response:

-What OS are you running

-Where did you get it? (store, ebay, friend)

-Are there any errors, warnings, beeps, etc?

-does it shutdown on battery, plugged in, after more than x minutes

-how does it shut down? does it shut down gracefully or just bam- no power?

Any additional information beyond "I have a laptop that shuts down...what's wrong with it?" would be helpful.


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during boot up press F2, F10, or F12 to get to the boot selct option menu. go into recovery mode and do a system factory reset.

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