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Samsung un55ks8000 turns on but black/gray image power light blinks 7x

My Samsung un55ks8000 started having this problem where when I turn on the tv all I see is a grayed out image and the red power lights stays blinking 7 times. Then it power cycles and keeps repeating the same steps.

Any idea what it could be?

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So I was able to get the TV to turn on and return to working order by taping 3 of the lines on the ribbon cable inside the TV. I followed instructions on a video online. Right now everything is working but I just want to know if this fix will stay and if there is something more permanent like replacing a part which I can do . Any info would be appreciated

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@godfather17 which video did you check so that we can see what lines you taped....?


There are several videos online. One in English and one in Spanish


Esse defeito é a tela, não compensa financeiramente trocar.


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