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Repair guides and support for Lenovo's line of consumer-oriented laptops, the IdeaPad series, first announced January 2008.

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screen frame cracked cracked on ideapad 5-15ARE05 Laptop

So I think glue came undone and when I reopened my laptop, the frame on the outside of the screen cracked at the hinge and now I can’t close it without risking the screen breaking due to it popping out(only at the bottom left). Lenovo Support hasn’t been very helpful and I just wanted to get an estimate of what it would probably cost to get it repaired in person somewhere. Are they most likely going to charge me for cracked screen costs? That would definitely cost a lot and I know the replacements for those are a lot more than the frame.

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Hi @jt2727 ,

Here’s the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop, taken from this webpage.

Go to p.55 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the LCD module. On p.57 it shows how to remove the LCD bezel, strip covers and hinges.

Here’s a link to the parts for your model. Click on Select Commodity > LCD parts (29) to find the Lenovo part numbers for the strip cover and the bezel etc. Note: There are 3 pages of results for parts in this section, click on the page number below the list to see more parts in this section.

Search online using the appropriate part number only to find suppliers of the part that suits you best.

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I do warranty service for several OEMs including Lenovo. Is the laptop still under warranty? Did the case break around where it attaches to the hinge? There are cases where this separation occurs and it is not due to “customer induced damage" such as closing the screen on a pen or dropping it. I have done these repairs under warranty claims. I've had plastic layers split, threaded inserts break out of the case, etc. These are commonly seen as manufacturer defects.

Put your serial number in on the lenovo support website. It will give you warranty status and I believe it also mentions if you have accidental damage protection.

Many Lenovo screens are assembled with “commandstrip" type adhesive where the tech exposes the end of the strip, then pulls it out to remove the screen.

If your actual screen is not cracked, you're probably looking at a bezel, lcd rear cover, hinges, adhesive strips. If the screen flickers when moving the hinges, you may need an LCD cable (sometimes called an edp or lvds cable)

Parts cost could be under 100 dollars or several hundred depending on what you need. (A pair of hinges and LCD plastics are going to be much cheaper than if you need a new screen.)

Try warranty support first to see if it's still covered. Out of warranty, Lenovo has a parts lookup tool. You would need to search using your “machine type” (may appear as MT or MTM) found printed by the sn on the case or in the bios. )

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