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Repair guides for the the LG V30, released in September of 2017.

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motherboard swap between different v30 versions


I have a V30 (US998 128GB) that I dropped it and now the screen flickers. A new screen cost approx $100 and then I would have to pay someone to install it since I'm not comfortable with screen replacement.

So I'm thinking about buying a less popular (cheaper) used V30 like a locked T-mobile H932 64GB or even one with a bad IMEI and just swapping out the motherboard with my current one. I assume that all other parts are exactly the same.

I am comfortable enough swapping the motherboard, its all the other tiny parts and the screen that scare me.

Can you think of any compatibility issues that may arise, if my put my current motherboard in a different version v30 or does this sound like a good plan?

Thanks in advance!

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Michael Ford by the time you get all those parts removed and replaced in a different case you might as well just replace the display on your phone. The removal of the motherboard etc. is the same as it would be for the display assembly. If you replace your display, you at least know that everything works; that all the flex’s fit so you won’t have to deal with any unknown errors etc. Take a look at guides LG V30 and see if that is something you could try. If not, I suggest you just pay somebody to replace the display for you. It will be cheaper (long term) and far more likely to succeed than to replace the motherboard etc. into a phone with an unknown history.

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Thanks. Appreciate your response except its not the same as replacing the display. Removing the motherboard involves removing 4 large parts, The display involves taking apart every tiny part and which are stuck with adhesive so no comparison as far as the amount of work and room for messing something up


Once you have the motherboard out, all you have left is the battery (you do want to replace that anyway), front camera and the speaker to remove. You are right of course, there is always room to make errors and things break etc. So if you can get an inexpensive replacement phone with a good screen and in good working condition, it may just be cheaper/easier. Just make sure that it does not have other issues since not every seller is always forthcoming bout what is going on with those.


UPDATE: For the benefit of anyone thinking of doing the same. It worked like a charm. Much easier and cheaper than a screen replacement.


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