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Model M8407 / 550 or 667 MHz G4 processor

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PowerBook g4 titanium (550 mhz) not reading internal HDD

Looking to buy a powerbook g4 titanium, the biggest issue is that it doesn’t read an internal HDD, and only boots from an external drive. Is there a fix for this?

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If it’s not reading and you’ve tried running Disk Utility to try to repair it then it’s likely crashed and you’ll need to replace it. This series uses an older standard IDE (PATA) Western Digital WD1200BEVE 120 GB 5400RPM  And here’s the guide: PowerBook G4 Titanium Onyx Hard Drive Replacement

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the HDD cable has been removed and added back on multiple times, as well as tested with other laptops and it seems to be the laptop


@Roman - Why are you worrying about the cable? The drive is likely the issue as HDD's drives to fail. If you are saying you've testing the HDD in another system (mac) then your logic board has an issue which would take a bit of work to fix if possible. You might as well get a new logic board as being the easy fix.


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