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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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How to change aspect ratio on Panasonic viera th-50px80u

The aspect ratio on my tv is messed up (the picture is too big for the screen). Any idea how to fix the aspect ratio? Maybe by factory resetting? I know there's a "zoom adjust" option in picture settings, but it's grayed out, despite being for an HDMI input with a 1080p signal (a Roku). I don't have the remote, but will buy one if absolutely need be. Some picture for reference.

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Did you try Menu > Picture > Reset?


The reset button is also grayed out


I found this, also if you buy this hit the aspect button


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@markdk your 3rd picture shows the 2 screen for that menu. You did not show the first. Anyhow, as the manual states, you do that on the remote by simply pressing FORMAT and then cycle through the aspect modes. So, Looks like you will need it since the ZOOM,Hfill etc do not seem to appear on the TV screen settings.

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