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Repair guides and support for read-only memory cartridges used in Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and other handheld nintendo consoles.

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Twenty year old CR2025 battery reads 3.02. Still good?

I’ve got my original Pokémon Red gameboy cartridge which I know I’ve never replaced the battery on (a CR2025). It’s over twenty years old, but I’m reading 3.02 volts on it with my multimeter. Can I trust it’ll still be good for a while, or should I replace it with a new battery anyway just in case? Thanks for the advice.

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Hi @inkwolf ,

Given the cost of a replacement why risk it?

You are reading the open circuit voltage value. When the battery is connected to a load its voltage may drop dramatically as it may not be able to handle the load anymore i.e. supply the amount of current needed to correctly operate the device.

Usually these type of batteries have a shelf life of 10 years but this doesn’t mean that they will last 10 years once they are connected to a device. It simply means that they won’t self discharge i.e. discharge internally, as quickly as some other types of batteries can when in storage and not in use.

If you decide to replace it, remember to dispose of the old battery properly as they can be dangerous especially for small children who think that they’re sweets. Don’t leave it lying around etc.

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