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The Fitbit Versa 3 is a smartwatch released on September 25th, 2020. It features a larger display and built-in GPS.

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Fitbit won't turn on or vibrate

My Versa 3 fitbit will not turn on and when I try to reboot it, it doesn’t vibrate when I press the power button. I have held it down for periods of time and nothing, I have charged it (though it should have charge) and nothing. It is completely dead!

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Saya memiliki masalah yang sama dengan Fitbit Versa 3 saya.. Saya tidak dapat menyalakannya kembali..tidak ada Getaran dan tidak ada daya.. terakhir kali saya memakai jam tangan adalah kemarin tgl 26/9.2023 dan kemudian layarnya hilang dan terisi penuh hingga 100%

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I have the same problem with my Fitbit Versa 3.. I can't turn it back Vibration and no power.. the last time I wore my watch was last month and then the screen went away and it was fully charged to 100%

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It's not getting on when I reboot neither it vibrate

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One thing is I just bought a used one that was bought new but after two months it didnt turn on. Seems like a common occurrence with the versa 3. One thing you can try is:

1) switch the charger box to a different one and different wall outlet.

2) clean the charging contacts with isopropyl alcohol 60% or higher, using a q-tip both the fitbit and charger connections.

3) try a different charger for your fitbit (buy new if you have too)

4) possibly a dead battery if no charge no vibration what's so ever, send it to fitbit for repair (if you still have warranty) or take to repair shops that fix them.

And lastly if the repair cost is to much or worth more than the fit bit. Just buy a new one.

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Possible answers are set in replies, please look for it and maybe one of the steps might work. Good luck!


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I had Fitbit versa 3 past 6 months.

Yesterday evening suddenly it battery goes to zero.

So, I put on charge.

But after 6 hours, today morning it again goes to zero charge.

Now what can I do?

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