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Line of business laptops originally sold by IBM and then purchased by Lenovo in 2005. Older models (Pre-XX50) have a WiFi whitelist, so wireless card replacement is not as easy as buying a bulk generic card online.

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Lenovo thinkpad T520i. Is changing display resolutions possible

Hi there, I have a lenovo thinkpad T520i with lowest version of the laptop offered I upgraded everything but the screen. There isn't much information on this particular model. I have the HD 1366x768 and I want upgrade to the 1920x1080 FHD resolution. Is it possible to do. No forms I rear mentioned doing that for this laptop. As you may know this laptop came in 3 options for screens the 1366x768, 1600×900, and the 1920x1080. Some people told me that the video cable isn't compatible but I can't see anything the supports that idea. Can someone with actual experience or proper knowledge tell if it's possible to upgrade from HD to FHD and even if the cable is needed to be change please link it. I live in Canada but I don't mind shipping from other countries.

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Solution: With the help of user: @jayeff and @oldturkey03 on ifixit form: Lenovo thinkpad T520i. Is changing display resolutions possible also with the help of oldturkey03 we were able to fined out that the laptop only has 1 video cable that was manufactured to work on all there versions of the laptop, this is the datasheet used: after eliminating the video cable incompatibility issue, we moved on towards solving the actual display model number. Using the same datasheet I used the FRU listed to google for a replacement and the first link was this from I purchased the screen and I received it two days after. I installed it and it worked instantly.

A lot of people on forms said it was something impossible to do but with the proper research and the help of people who actually want to help not just criticize it's possible. special thanks for @jayeff and @oldturkey03 for there help and thoughts.

due to limitation of ifixit upload media I created a dicord server that has all the pictures for the new screen model number and the screen installed and functioning on the laptop. this link will never expire. ++

I hope this can be of help for someone else

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@diah4386 you did an awesome job! Outstanding and glad I could help you with that. Great job.


@oldturkey03 i did nothing but the physical work your help along with jay was the key. All I'm waiting for is the cpu from the US it will be here by oct 20th I'm going to upgrade from core i3 2510qm to core i7-2760qm. If your interested stay tuned on the discord and here on this form.


@diah4386 absolutely are we going to monitor your progress with this. It's great to see you working on this and upgrading it to keep it functioning and out of the landfill. This is what iFixit is all about. :-)


@oldturkey03 I the laptop is completely different now it boot in 13 sec from fully shutoff to desktop and 3 sec from sleep to desktop. Thanks for your help



Glad that it worked OK.

Don't be too surprised however if there isn't as good a performance boost as what you expected after you install the i7 CPU.

As with all PCs the limitation is always the chipset which is hard mounted on the motherboard. It interfaces the CPU with the rest of the motherboard. Everything has to pass through it to get to the CPU and it sometimes can be the bottleneck that slows things down.

Looking at the specs, your model laptop has an Intel HM65 chipset which was first released in 2011, so it is already 10 years old, which is a lifetime in PC design technology.

Just my way of saying don't overspend in trying to upgrade it further as it may not be worth it in the longer term. Be satisfied with what you have achieved so far.



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@diah4386 the issues you are running into with this are the availability and connectivity. First major hurdle will be availability of a FHD display that will physically fit your T520i. Next is the connectivity. You will need a datasheet for both screens current and your replacement, use those to check electrical and data connections. You need to find out which GPU your Lenovo has and what best data it can display. They will have to match. Based on that you will most likely find that your T520i will not supply the data needed to drive the FHD. Going by the age of this and advances from then until now, I seriously doubt that your GPU can produce the signals for FHD. Furthermore.,it is not the cable but the connector wiring (pin assignments) that will become important. Let us know the model of replacement screen you have in mind (existing should be a LTN156KT02 would be best since it does connect to your Lenovo) so that we can help you to check this out further.

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The issue isn't that it can't support FHD - it's doable with the Intel HD Graphics IGP. Now if this was an Intel GMA laptop, you'd have a point there. The problem is these are LVDS machines and there are no FHD panels available for these (that I know of), so OP can only go up to 900p with the HD+ LVDS cable. That was the limit for years before iDP unless you stepped up to 40/50+ pin display cables and panels. Now you can get FHD out of a "common" 30-pin with iDP.

OP might as well pull a 900p assembly off of an HD+ SKU T520 with a unknown SVP. It solves the cable issue very quickly, and simplifies the upgrade.


@oldturkey03 The laptop has the intel 3000 graphics which does support the FHD screen, the higher end of the laptop comes with 1920*1080p screen and the same intel 3000 graphics the issue is as you said I need to find the data sheets to check connectivity and when I opened the screen to check out the pin. I counted 40pin on the side where it connect to the screen. The current screen which is the 768 that's on the laptop I took a picture of the sticker on the back I list all the info about below:

LG Display

made in china





I hope this info was helpful also I saw this screen replacement and it may work if the video cable is compatible


@diah4386 lets see if we can find the data sheets and hopefully we can try and figure this out together


@nick looks like there are actually FHD panels available for this series. That would make the argument inapposite and we should find the evidence to either support the OP in finding the proper solution or dispel it and provide the evidence that it can't be done.


@oldturkey03 I'm honestly surprised, especially if it exists. You would think it wouldn't be a thing since it only really was a thing on the high end until iDP.

I know my T420 lacks the option so I was working under the expectation there was no way it would happen due to both being LVDS. Hopefully the reason I had doubts make sense.


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